Congress implemented Shadi Bagya for vote bank of muslims: BJP Mahila Morcha

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Mangalore, Nov. 6: Just for the sake of vote bank the congress part implemented the scheme Shadi Bhagya. Instead of bringing the minorities into the mainstream Congress is trying to break the society alleged members of BJP Mahila Morcha of Dakshina Kannada District.

The members of BJP mahila morcha organized a protest on Wednesday, November 6 in front of Deputy Commissioner’s Office demanding the Chief Minister to extend the Shaadi Bhagya scheme to other communities as well.

They further said that the Shaadi Bhagya scheme implemented by the State Government should be extended to all communities and not Muslim community alone.. By making Shaadi Bhagya applicable to all Muslim women it is doing injustice to other community members.

“Shaadi Bhagya scheme is an attempt to create vote bank politics. Congress wants to secure Muslim votes for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, thus it has been implementing such one sided schemes.” they alleged.

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