Namaz with Police Protection: High Police Security at Ullal

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Mangalore, Nov 2: After three week’s controversy of the notice of Wakf Board stating that the New Masjid cannot be allowed to offer Jum’a prayers at Ullal-Melangady’s Muhiyuddin, the Jum’a Namaz was held amidst police security at the same Masjid on Friday Nov.1.

The High Court gave order to offer prayer at the Masjid without any hindrance.The HC further ordered that if the Commissioner to ‘allow’ or ‘not allow’ worshippers worshippers to hold prayer, after assess the situation at place.

There was a high security near the Masjid on Friday from 11 a.m. onwards as precautionary measures. The devotees came to Masjid from 10 a.m. for the prayers and the police allowed them to gain entry into the Masjid till 12 noon. Those including the Masjid Committee members who arrived at the Masjid after 12 noon were made to return.

The opposed group also arrived at the Masjid at about 12.30 p.m. and urged the police to let them enter the Masjid. But, the police convince the group that following a Court order they can permit only specific number of devotees into the Masjid. Till 1 p.m., the people who could not get entry into the Masjid proceeded to Ullal Central Jum’a Masjid located near to Sayyed Madani Dargah, while those who completed their prayers at Muhiyuddin New Majid started leaving the Masjid.

“A total of 300 devotees offered Friday prayers at Muhiyuddin New Masjid. We have followed the order of the High Court,” said Masjid President Musthafa Abdullah.

Responding to the same, Ullal Sayyed Madani Dargah Committee President Hamza has said that there is still scope to solve the matter peacefully.

The Board had further, considering the seriousness of the matter, ordered that permanent solution for the same must be found after holding talks with scholars, but however, till the next order comes, the Friday prayers should not be held at Mhiyuddin Masjid.

The Masjid former president Farooq Ullal and present president Musthafa Abdulla moved to High Court seeking stay order on the order of the Board. Ashraf Ahmed of the Dargah Committee moved to Court stating that the order of the Wakf Board must be upheld.

To keep peace over the surroundings of Masjid there was a tight police security held with the initiation of ACp Pavan Nijmuru, Inspector Cheluvaraj, Dharmendra, Harish M.P, Ullal SI Ramesh Hanapura.

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