Kundapur: Telephone Romeo thrashed; lands in jail as guest

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Kundapur; Oct 29: An incident of a youth, who used to call on married woman’s mobile uninterruptedly and asking her to follow him for sex through his filthy gestures, was given a nice treatment of beating and thrash from the family members of the woman in Kundapur.

According to the sources available, the accused has been identified as Suresh resident of Tulasikatte in Honnavara, has been harassing a married woman of Gangolli origin by calling on her mobile continuously and through his filthy gestures inviting her to accompany him for sex.


As per the sources, the woman who came to Kundapur private hospital along with her mother-in-law, was followed by the Romeo right from the bus stand until hospital and was engaged in obnoxious gestures in front of the woman in the hope that, she will follow him.

In spite of her protest also he snatched her mobile and took the number and was torturing her. Unable to bear the harassment of the man, she lost her patience and informed her husband about the matter.

As usual Monday morning, the man started calling her. She agreed to meet her in the evening at the designated place near Kundapur Shastri circle.Accordingly, the man who was under the impression that he succeeded in his attempts, the nicely dressed man, arrived to the designated place.

 The moment he arrived to Kundapur shastri circle, the family members of the woman, who were ambushing nearby, caught him red handed and has been greeted with nice beatings and thrashed him left and right and finally handed over him to police.

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