Perimar Crystal Mahotsava on 3rd – 6th April.

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Mangalore, April 3: As reported, Farangipete Karnataka State Sunny Students Federation is the only one association with members from different parts of the state. S.S.F.Perimaar,a part of the above said association have decided to celebrate their “Spatika Mahotsava”(Crystal Mahotsava),which starts from April,3rd to 6th April at the Periyar Masjid premises as announced by K.A.Basheer Madani Kulur-State leader of S.S.F.

Speaking to media persons in the press meet held at Pathrika Bhavan, he said that, S.S.F. Association which is boasting of having 1000 branches all over the state had been conducting this programme continuously for the past fifteen years at Farangipete.

It has been reported that on this occasion, a discourse on Burdha Majlis will be held by Nayyar Evinji Koya Thangal-Adham Fayzee Markhaz and Basheer Musliyar Mumbad Wahab Sakaafi, son of Perode Ustad, K.M.Monte will give a lecture. Also Haji Saleem Madani Kuthar has arranged Moulaad.

Kadalundi Ebrahim Khaleel Thangal Maani Ustad Hazrat Kaavalkatte, U.T.Khader among other dignitaries will be attending the closing ceremony function

Essac Perimar-Chairman, Welcome Committee, R.K.Madani Ammembala-Convener, Rahim Perimaar, Aadam Thumbe were present in the press meet.

Photo Courtesy : Satish Kapikad

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