Kundapur: Cow theft from the premises of Anegudde temple by the miscreants

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Kundapur; Oct 27 : It has been reported that from the premises of famous Anegudde temple four of the livestock , who used to sleep in the temple premises ,have been forcibly  stolen from the parking area of the temple on Monday by the miscreants.

The incident in detail: In temple, for the performance of Vehicle pooja, a shed type structure was built. A number of cows, who are coming in search of their food and in the night they are sleeping. The miscreants, who were watching the movements of people of the temple region, came to temple in their vehicle and all of a sudden 4-5 miscreants from the group were forcibly attempting to put the livestock into the vehicle by tying the legs of the cows. Meantime, when the security man came to the spot and tried to stop, he was threatened with lethal weapons. They fled the scene leaving cows and vehicle

This is the first time, the incidents of this type took place and ensure that no such incidents repeat in the future. The earlier government, which tried to amend the existing cow slaughtering act but the present government is not in a mood to amend the same. Due to lapse in the judicial system, many cows were being stolen from the area, said Gireesh Upadhya Gopady.

Protest: It was announced to stage a protest on Thursday at 04.00 pm in the evening.

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