Karkala: Novel protest by Namo Brigade: last tribute to scoundrel, who torn the banner……

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Karkala; Oct 27: It is a general practice everywhere in the world to seek permanent peace and offering tribute to the deceased souls but here in one of the cases permanent peace has been sought to the soul of obscure living person.

Two weeks ago, in the village of Karkala Taluk Kukkundur, on behalf of Namo Brigade, Narendra Modi’s banner was put. However few days after, the banner was torn in the night by some miscreant. But unmoved by this incidents, the Namo Brigade members neither complain to the police nor published in the dailies.

Instead, they prepared another banner aiming at the anonymous person, who tored the banner and was placed exactly near the place where Modi’s banner was put. Substance of the banner was, on 12th Sept, we have put one banner of proposed candidate for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with his picture on it by congratulating him. But after few days the banner was torn by some anonymous person in the midnight, the roaming, loitering time of ghosts and spirits. For him, whoever it may be, who torn the banner, we are offering our last tribute and extending our heartfelt condolence through this banner.

Therefore, the final rites of the person, whoever has torn the banner will be held on Oct 27th,Sunday evening in the premises of Kukkundur and we all will pray for his soul to reach the door of hell. At least by seeing this writing, let him realize that whatever he has done is wrong and sinful act.

Namo Brigade members without resorting to any kind of violence, complaints to police and advertising the news in dailies, they have  silently done their ‘Tit for Tat’ duty through this banner.

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