Udupi: Celebrate eco-friendly Deepavali by lighting oil lamps; Appeal from environmental authorities

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Udupi; Oct 25: Udupi district environmental authorities have appealed to the public that Deepavali is festival of lights. Celebrate enthusiastic and pleasurable Deepavali by lighting oil-lamps.

Due to busting of crackers, inconsistency in sound and air, permanent blindness, deafness, variation in the health of children, pregnant ladies and old people, harm to animals and birds and due to explosive crackers sound pressure, loss of sleep, deafness, blood pressure, heart attack etc dangers might happen. Fire is the reason for many accidents, disasters.

Celebrate only eco-friendly Deepavali. In the celebration of Deepavali, let light only be the criteria. Ensure that there should not be any danger to plants-trees, animals-birds. Check the labels before you buy the crackers. Be sure about the quality.

Don’t mix poison with breathing air. Due to severe sound don’t stress your ears and heart. Light hundreds of oil-lamps in each and every house. During festival days instead of sharp lights, use only oil-lamps and learn the importance of lights. Instead of fire crackers, enjoy the coloured lights of lazer beams.

Arrange for group electronic lights exhibition.Let the Deepavali festival be healthy and soothen the eyes. Use LED, save electricity. Save environment, request department.

Above 125 decibel fire crackers have been prohibited. Busting of crackers between 10.00 pm in the night till 06.00 am in the morning is crime.

Say good bye to fire crackers and celebrate eco-friendly Deepavali, says environmental authorities.

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