Udupi: Sowjanya murder case; Dharmapal Devadiga denounces onslaught on Dr.Heggade

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Udupi; Oct 18: Addressing the press meet Dharmapal Devadiga, president of all India Tulu Vokkoota and vice president of Tulu Sammelana organizing committee (Vishwa Tulu Sammelana samiti) expressed his extreme unhappiness over the developments of Dharmasthala and allegations against Dr.Heggade for the last several days with wicked motives.

He further said that Dr.Heggade was coronated in holy place like Dharmasthala,the land of Parashurama shristi and incarnated in the form of speaking Manjunatha and was famous by name “Khavanda”. His administrative skill is unbeleivavable.His social welfare activities like in the field of education, health care centre, village development projects, self-help groups etc have been globally recognized and acclaimed by each  and every corner of the universe.Dharmapal, expressed his displeasure over the mental injury inflicted to Dr.Heggade’s sentiments.

When the government has taken the complete charge of the investigation, people should respect and wait for the reaction and outcome of the probe patiently instead of hurling accusations, allegations and try to defame the sanctity of the holy place.

All India Tulu Vokkoota strongly condemn these developments in shree Kshetra Dharmasthala, and this is not relevant and nobody has got the qualification to attack a man of Dr.Heggade’s calibre, who strives for peace, tranquility and contentment in the society day and night, he added.

He further said that behind all these allegations, accusations, defamation some deep rooted conspiracy has been hatched with some vested interest by some unscrupulous parties.

He appealed everyone to pray Manjunatha to intervene and put a full stop for all these nonsense once for all and let prevail peace, tranquility and contentment soon, he said.

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