Karkala: Soujanya murder case: unnecessary allegations, slanders against Dr.Heggade unacceptable-says Hebri citizens

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Karkala; Oct 18: Hebri citizens expressed their dissatisfaction over the unnecessary allegations, slanders, accusations and defamation against Dr.Heggade and his family in the name of Soujanya murder case is unacceptable.

Investigation in the case of Soujanya, is very much need of the hour. That has to be conducted by the concerned agencies and government. Demands for an investigation should be evinced from the concerned parties. Speculative and unwanted allegations, slanders, defamations and accusations will not be accepted at all.

The welfare social works, which are being carried out through Kshetra has already touched the hearts, minds of the people and became talk of the town. This is known fact. Works for working hands, houses for homeless, loan facility for self-employment, eradication of alcoholism through camps and in -house treatments. These were the achievements Of Dr.Heggade put him in the front line and recognized and acclaimed globally and   he became ardent amongst the people.

In this connection, in the name of Soujanya, some parties are engaged in floating false propaganda, allegations and trying to bring and defame bad repute to the holy place and trying to assail and discredit Dr.Heggade and his family member’s name. This is denounced and highly deplorable and condemned.

Bhaskar Joyees, a social worker, Hebri Mohandas, senior congress leader H.Radhakrishna Nayak, Hebri BJP Shakti Kendra President Sudhakara Hegde, Amratha Kumar Shetty, Belanje Panchayat vice president Nityananda Shetty, Varanga Pashwanath Jain, Kallilu Sridhar Shetty promised their support to prevent all these tortures.

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