Mangalore: Jobs Abroad!. Aspirants cheated & seek Police help!

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Mangalore, Oct 11: A person from the city cheated several people by promising them of providing jobs in Malaysia and Afghanistan and took lakhs of rupees from the people.


The accused is identified as Mahesh Chandra K, owner of MITA Manpower Consultants.


It is said that the people were sent to Malaysia and Afghanistan with forged documents and visit visas. Mahesh Chandra also promised them that they provided work visas on reaching these countries. But he did not provide them work visas as promised, and now with their visit visas having expired, they are trapped in the foreign countries. The jobs too were not as promised initially, they allege.


Nearly11 people are trapped in Malaysia because of Mahesh Chandra.

The victims approached Bunder police to file a complaint on Friday October 11. When they contact to Mahesh, he promised that he would settle their dues by October 21. So now they dint gave complaint against him.

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