Udupi: Chandramaulishwara Rudraabhisheka was performed by Hindu Yuva Sene for the good health of cows.

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Udupi; Oct 11: In the north part of the state thousands of cattles are dying due to contagious foot and mouth disease. In order to save from that deadly disease and for the good health of the cattles, Udupi unit of Hindu Yuva sene has performed Chandramaulishwara Rudraabhisheka and offered special pooja at Udupi Chandramaulishwara temple.


Besides saving cows, those have already been affected by Foot and Mouth disease also prayed for the better health of the cows, those have not been affected.


As per the instruction of Pejavar Shree, all the seers (Swamiji’s) of the coastal region along with Hindu Yuva Sene workers have observed one day fasting seeking God’s intervention in protecting the cows from further catastrophe. Also all the Bhajana Sangha’s of the coastal region have prayed for the good health of cows by way of performing one day Bhajan.


FMD is an acute infectious disease which spreads very quickly if not controlled. It causes fever, followed by the development of blisters, chiefly in the mouth and feet of cloven-footed animals, such as cattle, sheep, pigs and deer.


The disease is caused by a virus of which there are seven ‘types’, each producing the same symptoms, and distinguishable only in the laboratory. The interval between exposure to infection and the appearance of symptoms varies between twenty-four hours and ten days, or even longer. The average time, under natural conditions, is three to six days.


After being free of the disease for many years, this country had an outbreak in 2001, resulting in the slaughter of many animals, and an outbreak in 2007.  The virus responsible for the 2001 outbreak was the highly virulent pan-Asiatic O type. When animals recover from infection by one type of virus they have little or no protection against attacks by any one of the others.

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