Kundapur: Labour officers save two child laborers

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Kundapur; Oct 11: In a surprise raid on commercial centers in Kundapur on Oct 09, Wednesday, labour officers took two child laborers from Rajasthan and Uttarpradesh origin respectively under their custody.


Dipasso,aged 10,Uttarpradesh origin, who was working in Vasundara traders,in front of gold shop in the Kundapur market and another boy Praveen, aged 13,Rajasthan origin, who was working with Jayalaxmi Mobile centre have been saved by the labor officers at the time of their regular inspection.


Shop owners have been asked by the labour inspectors to furnish their birth certificate and school documents and then only further action will be taken, said Kundapur labour inspector Jeevan Kumar.


These two boys have been sent temporarily to Belur Spoorthidham rehabilitation as reported by Dr.Keshava Koteshwara


As per the guidance of Udupi district labour officers,labour department’s first circle inspector Ravi Kumar and under the leadership of  second circles labor inspector Ramachandra,Kundapur labour inspector Jeevan Kumar,Udupi district child labor project’s director Prabhakara Acharya,Spoorthidhama director Dr.Keshava Koteshwara,Social worker Shikaripura Prema,this raid was conducted.

Employing children below the age of 14, is crime. Even during school holidays just for spending time, it is not advisable to send the children to commercial complexes. Those who are employing children below the age of 14, will have to face legal consequences along with the fine of Rs.20000.

It is regrettable to note that in spite of all the publicities, still the cases of child labour are being reported daily, they said.

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