Udupi: Reserve the seats in private buses or face punishment-warns RTO

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Udupi; Oct 10:  RTO has been receiving lots of complaints about the seats, which were reserved for ladies, handicapped and senior citizens. It is alleged that conductors are not bothered to ask the passengers, who have seated in the reserved seats meant for ladies, handicapped and senior citizens to get up and offer the seats actually meant for the related people.

Though the matter has been already advertized several times in the paper, still the complaints are receiving on daily basis in this regard. In this connection RTO has strictly warned all the bus conductors plying across the Udupi district to ensure that reserved seats are provided only to the passengers meant for those seats.

It is also said that conductors can lodge a complaints against the passengers, those who are refused to oblige the request made by the conductors in the nearest police station.

The bus owners have also been instructed to instruct their employees to strictly adhere to rules with regard to reserved seats facility. Failing, which an action will taken against the passenger and conductors, if they are caught at the time of inspection.

This matter has been informed by G.Arun Kumar Singh, RTO officer in the release.

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