VISA cheating case: 9 Gulf job aspirants return with empty Hand

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Mangalore, Oct 9: A case of cheating Gulf job aspirants after promising profitable jobs in Dubai, has been reported of late. Of the 21 victims, nine have returned hometown without job.

The remaining people were still in Dubai and they are also spending distressing life.

Those who have returned to India are Abdul Javed(23) of Koppa, Manohar Kairoch (28), Jagadish Murdeshwar (25) of Honnavar, Ashraf Mohammad (33) of  Ullal, Rahim (35) of Murdeshwar, Basheer Mohammad (30) of Uppinangady, Naushad Ullal (30), Zakaria Hussain   of Padubidri and Raghava Poojari of Kundapur.

One of the affected people Jagadish Murdeshwara said that a company in Mangalore had promised good job with good wages with boarding, lodging and Additional allowance for OT and had collected Rs 45000 for Visa, Rs 4000 for Emigration and Rs 3000 for medical check-up. Each person had thus spent up to Rs 90,000.

And they had left for Abu Dhabi on September 17 where they were given work in a dates company and made to work from 8 am to 8 pm.

They were even shown a room as accommodation. After few days a person sends them to the office where they were instructed to head towards Abu Dhabi in a lorry.

Then we were forcibly taken in a vehicle and were given sapling planting works on roadside. When we said we were brought here for office work and refused to do the planting work, they throw out us from the job.

We also thought to do suicide. When we were on the streets without water, a taxi driver from Pakistan gave us 100 dirhams by seeing our condition and thus saved us from starving to death. Finally we contacted the Indian embassy. They helped us to get back our Visa and have returned with their help.

Abdul Javed said that Sayid from Kudroli is the main agent who gave the Visa and Kuverina, Lathif and Razak were the other agents who cheated us. And he expressed his anguish by telling that we will give complaint against this cheating in the police station.

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