Udupi: Manish; Wherever you are come back soon; Anxiously waiting for you… ; Screams suffering wife

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Udupi; Oct 07: There are many instances in udupi, wherein family life is being ruined, may be due to extra-marital relationships or due to the influence of some external evil forces or attractions. These instances are surfacing and coming to light in Udupi in recent days.


Here is one such incident, wherein animosity, differences of opinions between husband and wife, led the husband to desert his wife and children and shining by exhibiting his cruelty.


The unfortunate girl Prabhavati is from Udupi origin and sinner boy Manish is from Uttarpradesh origin fell in love each other, when they were working in Mumbai garment factory and got married five years ago. It was smooth sailing for three years and suddenly it became rock bottom in fourth year.Besides, he already bestowed one child to her lap.


Now, what do you call it is an attraction rather than love? They got married against the will of the home people. Two children are already on the lap of Prabhavati.When the home people became closer to Prabhavati and at the time of second child’s delivery, Manish left to Gujarat on new employment from Mumbai and forgotten his wife and children completely.

Meanwhile,she did come to know through one of his friends about the tragic news of  his affair with another girl.

She has registered a case in this regard in Brahmavar police station and requested the authorities by shedding tears, to trace his whereabouts as she is eagerly waiting for his return.

In the name of attraction, love don’t destroy, spoil your family, conjugal life, that what Gulfkannadiga feels.

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