Opposing the Islamic University near Tirupati HJS Protests

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Mangalore, Oct 7: Opposing union government’s Heera International Islamic University near Tirupati Temple, activists of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti staged a protest in front of Deputy Commissioner’s office, Mangalore on Sunday Oct 6.


Addressing the protesters Prasanna Kamath of HJS said that, the Congress government is trying to encourage the Muslim community and in this they are neglecting Hindus.


They are under taking the project of building a Muslim University in Tirupathi. It is not taking into consideration the possible threat to Tirupati temple. But the central government does not dare to take up any project near religious places of minorities.


“Present upcoming university land belongs to the temple and government should stop its work”, he urged.

Vivek Pai said that the upcoming University is in the distance of just 20 kms from the temple. And the percentage of Muslim residents in this place is less than 5 percent and there is no need of a university, he said.


Even though locals opposed the setting up of the university here, the government continued the construction work, without taking permission from the temple authorities.


Vivek Prabhu, Prasanna Rao and other members of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti were present.

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  1. old days were the best, now you see how communities divided, before hindu and muslims were living like brothers, now see like enemies…in the end India will break in two parts againg..very sad…namana uuru bibajane aapundu…

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