Youth Convention by Hindu Jagarana Vadike at Padil

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Mangalore, Oct 6: The Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV) organized a youth convention to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda on Sunday October 6, at Padil junction.


Addressing the gathering, HJV state convener Jagadish Karanth said, “There are two reasons for organizing this convention – to mark Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary; and secondly, and also to ‘answer’ those who criticized the HJV for the attack on home stay at Padil.


Speaking about home stay attack he said, “The incident occurred because of drugs and sex mafia. But the intellectuals overestimated this issue in an attempt to destroy HJV and Hindu culture. Padil attack was used by some journalist’s n an attempt to destroy the Hindu Jagarn Vedike by hype the issue and insulting the HJV. Subhash Padil fought against it and jailed for 1 year and 34 days and finally won the struggle he said.


Defending the attack on home stay, he said, the home stay incident was a fight against drugs and sex mafia, wherein innocent girls are trapped and forced into prostitution. HJV will never allow this to happen in Hindu Samaj. He further said that if ever your granddaughters or relatives are trapped in drugs and sex mafia, HJV activities like Subash Padil will come to their rescue.”


In speech about increasing cases of drug abuse in the DK, Karanth said, “Dakshina Kannada is suffering due to the influence of the drugs and sex mafia. College-going girls are trapped in the name of parties and birthday celebrations where they are sexually exploited, filmed, and pushed into prostitution. After such incidents, the girls are not ready to file a complaint.


After the home stay incident, a girl named Sneha lost her life to drugs. But no one came forward to protest against it,” he said.


If there is no one (including police and law) to listen to the problems of the society what is wrong with moral policing? he asked. HJV is born to protect Hindu culture and it will fulfill its responsibility,” he said.


Sri Rajashekarananda Swami gave blessings; Sathyajit Suratkal delivered the keynote address. Janardhan Arkula, Vasudev Gowda, Kishor, Subash Padil, Amith, and Raviraj B C Road were present in the occasion.Vasudeva Gawda welcomed. Abhishek Shetty compered the programme.


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