Bridle Bridge of Ammembala – Rantadka Collapsed

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Bantwal, Oct.4: The bridle bridge which connects the Ammembala and Rantadka which placed at Mangalore – Bantwal border was collapsed a week ago. But till now any political leader or officers did not visit the place.  Regarding to this the villagers express their anger.

The people of these two village depended on that bridge from many years ago to connect with each other.  There is a large deck under the bridge. To cross the deck the people depended on the bridle bridge.

Few year back the bridge was getting damaged, then the villager’s complaints against this to the officials to rebuild the bridge. But till now the related department dint take any action towards this. Without the bridge now the two villagers lost connection between them. And now they depend to the motor boats to travel.

The villagers urge that the leaders and related officials should take further action towards this and they appealed for the reconstruct the bridge soon.

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