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Udupi: Indian students not evincing interest in Gandhian studies?; But foreigners are!!

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Udupi;Oct 02: The moment, the name of Gandhi is heard, the  whole universe is bowing its head. The man, who preached peace mantra (chants), was loved by each and every one. Gandhiji was not a mere freedom fighter but also an expert in economics and social worker as well.  He was the ray of hopes for poor people. In view of getting some benefits out of studying about the great Gandhi, Manipal Vishwa Vidhyanilaya (VV) has launched PG diploma course. But this year the number of students came for studying about Gandhi is a big Zero.


Gandhiji was the great leader, who preached Shanthi Mantra (Peace mantra) to the entire world. He was the man, who struggled to liberate India from the clasp of British. When the whole world is showing their interest in studying about the great man Gandhi, Indians are not at all interested in studying about Gandhi.


In Manipal’s Vishwa Vidhya Nilaya even certificate course on Gandhi and peace has been started. The number of students registered for the courses during the period of three years of its starting is just four.


There are lots of books on Gandhi to study. There are 9 volumes about Gandhi Smrithi in E-book. But students are not taking interest in it. In three-four places of the country only this courses are available. Fees also very less for Gandhi and peace course.


An employment opportunity is also there in NGOs and research centres, for those who complete his/her one year diploma course on Gandhi and peace. It is surprised to see that no student is showing interest.

Another fact is that those who did diploma course on Gandhi and peace during three years is all foreigners. It is a shame on our part because those who take interest in studying about Gandhi ,are all foreigners. But no Indian student is taking interest.

When we ponder over all these incidences, it feels why it is happening so or whether we are forgetting Gandhiji? When foreigners are showing interest to learn, Indian students are not all showing any interest.

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