Kundapur: Newly appointed BJP President Vikramarjuna Hegde has been felicitated by BJP party workers

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Kundapur; Oct 02: On behalf of Kundapur BJP unit, Rajesh Kaveri, president and former president Kishore Kumar along with other prominent BJP leaders have felicitated and honored newly appointed Udupi district BJP president Thingale Vikramarjuna Hegde on Oct 02, Wednesday at Kundapur BJP office premises.


While speaking after receiving the honors Thingale Vikramarjuna Hegde said in his address that I, as an ordinary party worker, grew to this level step by step. Now the party has honored me by giving the responsibility of party’s presidentship.In the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, by working together, we have to bring the past glory of the BJP.back into the main stream and work under the stewardship of Narendra Modi in building Bhavya Bharat.


While speaking, district president Udaya Kumar said in his address that in politics victory and defeat are like a two faces of the same coin and it is a part and parcel of the game. When in an organization, an ordinary person, grew as the candidate, how he is being given an opportunity, was the example of last Vidhana Soudha assembly elections. In the coming Lok Sabha elections, let us all see the victory flag of BJP once again.


Kundapur former BJP president said in his speech that president seat of Udupi BJP is very sacred post. It has become a tradition that whoever enjoys that seat, will receive name, fame and honor in the political field. If they want to manage the party, only for the sake of power, then the party will lose its morality and charm.Instead, if they work in line with party principles for the growth of the party, then the party becomes strong, he opined


Kota Shreenivas Poojary,former MLA,Sandhya,district Mahila Morcha chief secretary,Kundapur Yuva Morcha president Shankara,Ankadakatte,CMC vice president Nagraja Kamadhenu,Jagannatha Amin,Sanghatana Chief secretary,Rajeeva Shetty,CMC members,Shakti Kendra presidents,Sthaneeya Samiti presidents, Chief secretaries and party’s prominent leaders, workers were present.


Rajesh Kaveri, President has welcomed the gatherings, Ramachandra compered the programme and Raviraja Kharvi proposed a vote of thanks.

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