Karkala: Absurd comments of former MLA on development of Karkala misleading the people; Let the truth come out- demands BJP

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Karkala;Oct 01: With great expectations, for the overall progress of the Karkala city, the honorable MLA V Sunil Kumar was elected by the people of Karkala with great majority, has drawn many projects for the development of the city and could able to bring many grant-in-aid from both state and central government under various developmental schemes. But BJP district panchayat members alleged that unrealistic and absurd talks of former MLAs will put the people under confusion, illusion and misguiding the mass.

The present MLA, in the last press meet, held at his office told that talk on developmental works of the city is highly appreciable and welcome talk. But Sunil Kumar, MLA has requested former MLAs to furnish the list of the developmental projects, undertaken by the former MLAs and the grant-in-aid brought from which state and central government, how much fund they have brought in etc for the development of the city before 01.10.2013. But instead of the list, now they are  making announcement that they are trying for some other developmental works. In order to avoid confusion amongst people, repetition of funds sanction should not happen for the same project.Thus,with all these false announcements,they are misleading the public.

Now though the deadline date has been finished, neither former MLAs nor their supporters furnished the list of any development works so far. If they want, let them take two more days to submit the list of the developmental works undertaken by them. Failing which, henceforth, they should not interfere or talk absurd, unrelated talks in any one of the development works undertaken by BJP.

In this regard district panchayat members like Udaya.S.Kotian, Savita.S.Kotian, Mamatha Adhikari and taluk panchayat president Rashmi shetty collectively requested former MLAs in the press meet.

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