Kundapur: Kundapur Bhoo Abhivriddhi bank’s fraud exposed; allegation from sufferers

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Kundapur; Sept 27: Resli Rebello, a farmer from Senapura alleged that management committee of Kundapur Bhoo Abhivriddhi bank is harassing the eligible applicants by not sanctioning the loans. By supporting only the people whom they like, under loan waiver scheme around over Rupees one crore has been misappropriated, he alleged.

Addressing the media reporters in the press meet held at press club on September 27, Friday, Rebello has exposed all the irregularities committed by the bank in front of the media.

The present president of the bank, who has been continuing for more than twenty years, is sanctioning loans for his own people as they wish but eligible people are being denied the loans by stating so many pretexts.

Continuing his scathing attack on bank management, he further alleged that by collaborating with former organizers of bank from 2007 to 2012 state and central government’s money meant for the benefits of farmers, has been encashed by them without paying to the farmers.

Field officers who have visited the agricultural lands of the farmers and submitted the report about the details of the loans but by ignoring the report, bank is sanctioning the loans to the people of their like. By appointing only the people who listen to them in the loan committee, they are continuing with their autocratic functioning, he alleged seriously.

Babu Balkur, a farmer while speaking said that bank has sanctioned the loan to the people, for those who possess 75 cents of land, Rupees one crore loan, for 26 cents of land Rupees five lac loan. But for the people with fertile lands in acres have been denied loans and benefactors of NABARD various loan schemes are not given and not even allowing us to talk in the general body meeting, he alleged

One of the former organizers, after his retirement opened his own co-operative society at Kodi by investing ill-gotten money from the Kundapur Bhoo Abhivriddhi bank.

Pained farmer Lesly Rebello has submitted a four page hand written complaints to directors of state sahakari sangha, sahakari ministers and lokayukta officials, urging them to take appropriate action against those errant administrators.

Sudhakara Shetty, Nidambur, Manjunatha Shetty and among others were present in the meet.

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