Kundapur: Sensing immoral activities locals complain about partying in park; police detains boys & girls for questioning

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Kundapur; Sept 25: It was reported on September 24, Tuesday that Kundapur women police have detained a group of college students, who were partying at Gandhi Park on the basis of locals complaint that they were indulging in immoral activities.


Sources said a group of five boys and six girls, who were studying in final degree, have gone to Gandhi Park at 10.00 am on Tuesday. The locals who saw them sitting close to each other and chit -chatting and merry -making grew suspicious about their behavior, drew the attention of media and informed the police.


When the students did not leave the park until noon, the suspicious locals started gathering in the park.

On receiving the information, the women and other police officials, fearing that the situation might aggravate, police arrived at the spot and took them away and detained for questioning.

According to one of the boys statement, students were on revision holidays since Saturday, they have planned to celebrate birthday parties of four girl students in hotel on Tuesday. Accordingly they called their other friends and assembled in the park. They have planned to go to a hotel for lunch after spending time in the park till noon.

Later, the principal of the college came to the police station and took them to college and their parents have been summoned. The students were sent back to their homes and no case was registered

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