Kundapur: Jaya Karnataka organizes rally demanding uniform system of education

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Kundapur; Sept 24: Jaya Karnataka, under the leadership of Muthappa Rai has organized a rally on September 23, Monday, demanding uniform system of education.



Addressing the reporters B N Jagadish, president of Jaya Karnataka organization said in his address that organization has been protesting for the cause of Kannada land and language etc for the last six years and added that campaign for uniform education has started in thirty districts in the state.



He also said that education is being commercialized in the state and there are vast differences in the syllabus of the central and the state and ruling political parties are ruining the system. All the children should get uniform education whether they are rich or poor in the society, he said.


 Answering the reporters about the question of supporting any political parties in the upcoming elections, he said that the party which is vibrant and promises of remedial measures will be supported, he said.



He further said that the government is closing its eyes when the private educational institutions are going beyond limits and insists for the provision of uniform education to every child regardless of their status in the society. A signature campaign is in progress in this regard, he added.



District president of the organization,Prakash Rai,district president Janani Diwakar Shetty,Tallur rickshaw driver association president Shekar Poojary,Sunil Shetty,Venkatesh Gulvadi,Udaya Kumar Mumbai,Vinay Kumar Mumbai K P Tallur,Devraj and Tallur gram panchayat vice president Umesh Mogaveera welcomed the procession and bid them farewell.

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