Moral Policing: Attack on Kulur Call Centre

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Mangalore, Sep 22: A gang of four men put on entry into a call centre functioning at Kuluru and attacked a person, on Friday. A case was registered in this regard on Sunday.




The four miscreants, identified as Harish, Deepak, Rajesh and Shiva – barged into the premises of Orbis Business Management, a call centre in Kulur on the outskirts of the city, and damaged the property late Friday night. The attackers took objection to women being employed in large numbers at the call centre late in the night.



Meanwhile, Ashwin, an employee, who tried to stop them, was assaulted. Call center senior customer service officer Bharath Kumar filed a complaint with Kavoor police that Rajesh, Harish, Deepak and Shiva attacked their office.



DYFI District President Muneer Katipalla said that the claims of the Congress of tackling moral policing had confined to speeches only. “Since the Congress has failed to initiate action against such elements, they are fearless now,” he said.


Acting on the complaint, police arrested the accused and later released them on bail.


From this the womens who got attack by the people got anguish and again filed complaint against them. And they said that the Kavooru Police were failed to investigate the case and urged that to take proper action towards the accused.

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