Udupi: Contraversy erupted over Kadiyali temple pooja; an altercation between manager & priest led to verbal fight

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Udupi; Sept 22: A controversy over the performance of Pooja at Kadiyali temple, which led to an altercation between the manager and priest of the temple, has finally ended in verbal fight between the two accusing each other with filthy languages. The fight was on the verge of physical fight.

In one of the famous temples in udupi, Shree Kadiyali Mahishamardhini temple, 6 families have been dynastically performing pooja rituals since several years. Now it was the turn of Kadiyali shreepati Upadhyaya family. On Sept 20, Friday evening, priest Shreepati Upadhyaya even proposed the names of his assistants for servitude (devoted service).


When the other man other than the name suggested in the list came forward to involve in the devoted service, Lathika, manager of the temple stopped him from doing pooja rituals as it requires permission from the president of the Samiti.This has led to verbal exchanges between priest and manager, accusing each other with filthy languages and priest was about to attack the manager physically. This is as per the statement of Manager Lathik.

Manager Lathik has lodged a complaint in Udupi town police station against the priest stating the above incidents.


Clarification from the Priest:

Priest Shreepati Upadhyaya in his counter complaint clarified that as per the tradition our family members only came to perform pooja rituals. Since Shreesha Upadhyaya,who’s name was mentioned in the list, has not come on that day due to his father’s death anniversary, his sister’s son has come in his place.

Therefore he also belongs to our family only. This has been brought to the knowledge of the president of the Samiti and he too agreed for the same.

But manager Lathik with his sinister intention tried to obstruct our servitude and insulted us with filthy, bad words and came forward to attack us- priest said in his counter complaint in the police station.

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