Suspected Gas Leakage in City

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Mangalore, Sep 20: The residents of several areas were feared in the city as smell of leaked gas filled the air on Friday September 20th.


Some sources claimed that gas had leaked in Baikampady industrial area, others said that it happened at MRPL. But there is no confirmation yet as to the source of the gas.

MRPL stated that there is no gas leakage in surroundings of MRPL. Engineers of its environment department run into Karnataka State Pollution Control Board with its specialized meter which will help to identify the gas floating in the city.


Residents of several areas like Yeyyadi, Kankanady, Kulur, Maryhill and Baikampady, up to Yekkur complained. Fire personnel have been pressed into action at several places but so far no gas leakage has been detected.


The chief fire officer Varadraj said that the fire station has received several complaints of gas odour from various parts of the city. “Fire service vehicles have been stationed in several places to check for possible leakage, but so far none has been detected,” he said.

He appealed to the public that “If anyone detects gas leakage anywhere, please inform the fire service immediately,”

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