Udupi: CITU stages protest to draw the attention of state government towards the demands of laborers

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Udupi; Sept 20: CITU has staged a protest on Sept 20, Friday in front of DC office to draw the attention of state government towards various demands of laborers.







Various Demands of CITU:-

1. By controlling the prices, 35 kg food and grains to be given to all the labors and employees at Re 1 per kg and like in Kerala 14 essential items should be made available through ration card.

2.By fixing a minimum monthly salary  of Rs 10,000 per month for unskilled workers in tile and cashenut and other factories, dearness allowance must be revised every six months and by fixing minimum salary,  salary of all the skilled,unskilled,semiskilled,professionals should be increased scientifically based on their seniority.

3. Current minimum salary should be implemented strictly.






4. For the welfare programmes of through social security mandali,Auto drivers and other vehicle drivers and other labors without unions, a minimum of Rs one crore to be distributed and Janashree ’10 RSBY projects should be implemented only through labor department.

5.A minimum of Rs 300 to be given per 1000 Beedis to Beedi workers and for each part 5 paise dearness allowance should be given and health facilities should be provided



6. Since the land and building materials, cost is skyrocketing beyond the reach of common man, all the laborers should be provided with accommodation and houses.

7. A separate administrator should be appointed for building and construction labor welfare Samiti and ensure that all the facilities will be available on time.


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8. As per the recommendation of 45th labour conference, Anganwadi, Bisiyoota and Asha scheme workers should be made permanent.

9. Plight of the private bus employees is highly deplorable in the coastal region and they should be given minimum salary, provident fund and retirement benefits.

10. By abolishing present contract system, fill the 200 lac vacancies in government departments by making the present contract laborers permanent.

11. When the government is forming tri-party committee, involve all the labour unions (EPF regional committee, Building and other construction labour welfare Samiti, ESI regional Samiti)

12. Make pending salary payment of Brahmavar Sugar factory laborers immediately along with interest.

13. Implement minimum salary and allowances to employees of village panchayat and city municipal employees.

Balakrishna Shetty,Chief secretary, Shankar,President,Dogu Suvarna,Vishwanatha Rai,H Narasimha,Suresh,Pushpa,Sunanda and among others were present.

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