Kundapur: Family objects love birds; Simple marriage under the auspices of Spoorthidama unites

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Kundapur; Sept 19: Love is blind. No caste, no religion and no beauty. It is only a union between two young hearts. Love is ongoing process but there should be an auspicious time to be relieved from the process of love for a moment and enter into conjugal life. But have to face wrath of protest from the home people.






However after undergoing all the ordeals of home people, finally Bagalkote origin Erappa, aged 25 and Koppala origin Akkamma, aged 24 have got married ritualistically with the help of Kedur Spoorthidhama in front of all the home people, relatives and friends.



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Bagalkote origin Earappa has left his native place and came to Manipal in search of job 15 years before and was staying alone at a rented room. He was working as labourer nearby and maintaining his life. It was a happy life for Earappa to live happily in spite of their poverty with his mother, father and brother.

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At the same time even Akkamma along with her family members also came in search of job to Manipal.Gradually they became very much acquainted with each other. But this intimacy has turned into love and started loving deeply. In the beginning, though family members knew about their love, they used to keep silent but gradually as the days are passing, objection started coming from Earappa’s family members in the name of caste and name but this young love birds kept on loving ignoring the objection from the home people.



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When they come to know about the objection from the home people, they decided to run away to Bangalore from Manipal.After staying for two days in Bangalore, they visited Hubli and Goa and finally they came to Dharmasthala.




At this time, Akkamma’s parents lodged a missing complaint of their daughter with Manipal police station. In the investigation, both of them have been located at Dhamasthala and family members from both have been summoned to police station and conducted an inquiry. love-marriage-kundapur-22



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In the inquiry, both of them said that we are matured and have been loving each other but because of objection from the home people, we had to run away from the house. Police have suggested family members to get them married.


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Since family members of Earappa had an objection for this marriage, both Earappa-Akkamma went to Kedur Spoorthidhama from Kundapur and explained about their problems in detail with Dr Keshava Koteshwara Chief director of Spoorthidhama and requested him to solemnize their marriage.



After knowing the fact about their love,Dr Keshav asked them to convince their home people and bring them to Aanegudde on Thursday and promised that he will convince Earappa’s family members. Accordingly Earappa convinced his family members and asked them to come on Thursday to Aanegudde.

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In the marriage ceremony, which was held on Thursday, locals, Thekkatte rotary club president and members, people from Spoorthidhama were present and blessed the couple. After the marriage, food was served in Shree Vinayaka temple. The marriage was conducted under the leadership of Raviraj Uapdhyaya, chief of Sabhangan and Sabhangana was given at free of cost.

Rotary club Thekkatte and Spoorthidhama members have borne rest of the expenses.

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