Mass Special Birthday celebration of Special Need Children, Magician Kudroli Ganesh, enthralled the mass with thunderous Applause.

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Mangalore, March 29: In association with Seva Bharathi Trust, Chethana Child Development Centre for the Challenged has hosted a mass Special birthday celebration in grand scale at City’s “Chethana” Balavikas Kendra in V.T Road before the start of summer vacation. Parents/guardians of the students, Teachers and employees of the school too have joined in the celebration. The event was indeed a memorable one as reported.

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The programme started with woman lighting the wicks and performing ‘arathi’to each special child. Children in fact were really enjoying the programme from morning till end of the programme .There were 72 children presented in the function. As with all birthdays, each child was given with birthday gifts which included school bags, steel plates.

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18 children were given a honorarium of Rs.3000/-each for attending vocational programme like making files and preparation of invitation cards, a project of Seva Bharathi.

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As the names were being called children were all in their toes and beamed with prides as they were going to collect their prizes .A highly melodious bhajans were sung by Smt.Meera Bhat and children were highly receptive to music, listened in rapt attention.

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Sumathi Shenoy, Centre’s founder also celebrated her 75 birthday along with the children of the centre.

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Kudroli Ganesh, a well known magician has thoroughly entertained the special children with his 30 minutes magic. Magic began with a card trick, ball magic followed by other tricky magics.However,it was his coin magic, where he drew coins from the thin air and from arm pit of a volunteer and at that time the children rolling with laughter

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Seva Bharat Trustees U.V.Shenoy, Prof.G.N.Bhat, Vinod Shenoy, Sabita Savithri, Neeta Shenoy and Prameelaa Rao were actively involved in the programme.

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Before leaving for their respective homes children were busy hugging each others and teachers as the centre’s care taker Leelavathi who too is having a problem of speech and hearing impaired standing looks on wiping her tears.

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