Panjikallu: Illegal Sand Transporting

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Bantwala, Sep 18: The localities of Panjikallu of Kodanduru stopped the lorry which was illegally transporting the sand to Kerala and called the Thahasildar to the place and made them to file the case on Wednesday, Sep 18.

This illegal sand was transporting to Kerala through the inner roads, near Kepu School and passing by Kodanduru, Kollapadavu road and reaches Saradka check post road. Because if they pass through Panemangalore route they will be trapped at Saradka check post. by the CC camera’s which inserted in the check post.

The public already complained to the nearby police stations against this but they didn’t take any action till now. So they called Thahasildar to take the action. Now the transporter is under police custody.

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