Udupi: Within a month of their arrival to Udupi, 11 Norwegian drug addicts transformed into true social workers.

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Udupi; Sept 17: More than ten Norwegians were drug addicts and now they are staying in Udupi taluk’s Pandeshwar village. This has become a talk of the town since one month and they are doing different works by mingling with local people and they are not bothered even to work in slush field. They are all from Norway. Their life style is entirely different from us. Their life was just fun, enjoyment and merry making. By being drug addicts, they were at the last stage of their life and their life was insurmountable. They were on the verge of losing their precious life due to addiction and lost all the hopes of coming back to normal life. That what the fate of those foreigners were!!



They are Mexico’s Carlon,Norway’s Seive,Larse Andro,Freddy,Helge,America’s Sten,Norway’s Ole,South Africa’s Namz,Norway’s Stugg,Magnus.Different life style for 11 different people. Just to forget, overcome their tribulations, distress, they became the slaves of the drug.



Once, they too thought of coming out of this drug menace, they also thought of giving up this drug addiction and they also thought of living like any other respectable person in the society. At that time they met Norway’s Alexander and nurse Rosa Linda. By bringing together all these drug addicts, they have decided to give training in Yoga. Accordingly they joined Back Inn Che Ring institution.Seive and Rebecca have freed from the addiction.


Alexander, Norway citizen Herayin and rest of the addicts are not an ordinary people. They were professionals in different fields like artists, carpenters and boxers etc and they are the one who became the victims of this wicked addiction.


Nocolai is the citizen of Norway and now he is 39 year old, became the victim of drug at the age of 14 years and by the time he reaches twenty years old, he became complete slave of drug. He earned his name as good and famous boxer to his credit. The same guy, who has been struggling too hard to give up this drug addiction since two years.


39 year old lady from South Africa has got 10 year old son and did her master study in arts. She was in Oslo for 9 years and has been consuming alcohol and other intoxicant items for the last twenty years. Now she came forward to come out from this addiction.


40 year old Hegle from Norway became the slave of drugs and Hucca at the age of 29 years of age. Prominent member of Gymnasium Norwegian national youth team and now has become the slave of danger drugs since fifteen years.


Christiana Sand is now 44 years old. At the age of seventeen only she became the slave of heroin and Hucca. Though she has been yearning for the past twenty five years to free from the addiction, she could not do so.She has been receiving Methadone treatment since one year and wishing to lead a better life with her daughter.


44 year old Ole Johnny was battling with severe problems since six years. The life of this heroin

 addict has become an impossible task. He had a wide, work experience in different fields and became the victim of many health problems in the past.

Stenn,a citizen of Norway, started consuming alcohol and other intoxicated tablets at the age of thirteen and after joining the college, he became drug addict. Though his  parents have admitted him in the drug and rehabilitation centre and it was of not much benefits.


34 year old Freddy is hailing from family of good economical background and a good football player. He has become the victim of heroin and other intoxicant items for the past eight years. He fell victim of this addiction just to enjoy the life due to his money power.


36 year old Rebecca from Norway, has got 4 year old daughter. Slave of heroin since ten years and receiving Methadone treatment since eight years but could not come out of this trauma.


30 years old, Larse Andre, wanted relaxes when he was under stress. It so happened, one day in one of the programmes, he consumed drug and this has become a habit for him. By the time, he realized his mistakes, it has reached its peak.


Not only these people, there are many. If you listen, the different sobbing stories of the different such people, people may get surprised and mad. Everybody was having decent jobs. They have fallen prey to this addiction just to ease their tension. But before realizing their problem, the situation has become aggravated, worsened. By any means, they could not come out of this addiction. Then, they found only different path. Not only with drug addicts but also developed a relationship with prostitutes and spoiled themselves.

Larse Andre, citizen of Norway. Now Norway’s Sieve also talking about Yoga and she, who has been entangled with so many problems has also learn’t yoga now and leading her life satisfactorily. Now she mingles with everybody. The lady, who was always living under inebriated condition, is now always busy with works.

Vijaya Kumar, from Pandeshwara in Udupi, once went to Norway. Then, through one of his friends, he got acquainted with Alexander. Then he did come to know the facts. He started giving training to drug addicts when he was in Norway. When he realized that if he continue giving training in Yoga in Norway, drug addicts will not give up their habit of addiction and asked them to come down to udupi for complete cure. Then you will be completely changed and entire atmosphere will change. Accordingly they came to Udupi one month ago.

The people, who have come to udupi, have been told not to be attracted towards drugs or any intoxicated items and tried to be away from such items. They started monitoring their activities. They have been allotted works to do from morning 10.00 am to 1.30 pm and again in the afternoon from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

They have decided to adopt the system of practicing Karma yoga, spiritual and philosophical stories, meditation and yoga.Vijaya Kumar himself came forward to teach these people. Within one month of their arrival, addicts have started showing signs of improvement and are away from the addiction now.

Vijaya Kumar, Yoga trainer Udupi: Not only yoga, spiritual and philosophical stories but also all the drug addicts have been taken to temples and visit the God. Then they felt some relaxation. Economically sound these people have decided to do something in return to these people. They themselves built two houses for two poor families. Complete works starting from transporting stones on their head till the end, all the works have been carried out by these people only.

In coastal region many people are falling prey to drug mafia. Some of the cases are coming out and some are not. The memories of Padavinangadi Sneha’s incident still not erased from the mind. Only at the age of 19, Sneha left to her heavenly abode due to addiction. But 11 Norwegian people, who were on the verge of losing their precious life once, have changed to lead their normal happy life. When foreigners only coming forward to come out from the addiction, people from India are falling prey to the menace of drug addiction.

These foreigners have also come forward in the renovation work of Theerthabail reservoir (Kere).The government has not responded to the plea of the people to remove the mud that settled at the bottom of the tank. But drug addicts from Norway, got into the reservoir and helped in removing the mud from the reservoir ignoring slush on their body along with local’s co-operation.

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