Child Marriage Barricaded By Officials.

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Moodbidri, Sep15: The marriage ceremony of a minor muslim  girl (16 yrs) in Kottebagilu, Subhasnagar area was put to an halt by the Women and Child Welfare And The Child Helpline officers.

Ms. Rathi, Ms. Renee D’souza, Ms.Shoba officers of the above mentioned organisations conducted the raid. And reprimanded the families of both bride and bridegroom. There was consent and approval of the parties to the wedding.

The organisations had earlier warned the families but they gave a deaf ear and proceeded with the mehendi function.

On saturday the raid was conducted and the weddind was stopped. The bridegroom was taken to the police station and in inquiry it was  told that the girl was 18 years, but when the documents were demanded disclosed that the girl was 16 years and vowed that the wedding will take place after the girl becomes a major.

By:Anjum sheikh.

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