Kundapur: Wrath against Purasabha administration for not bringing down water tariff; DYFI burnt effigy of Municipal commissioner

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Kundapur; Sept 13: DYFI, which has been peacefully protesting in the Municipal jurisdiction for more than one month against municipal administration for increase in water tariff, has turned fierce and staged a violent protest in front of Mahatma Gandhi Park, near Vodera hobali on Sept 12, Thursday and burnt the effigy of commissioner in anger.



Under the sponsorship of DYFI , two “Horata Samiti” have been formed in Shantiniketan and Kallagra ward of Vodera hobali region five days ago and under the joint leadership of both Horata Samiti’s,effigy of commissioner has been burnt in front of Gandhi park and citizens of the region vent their anger against municipal administration.





Addressing the protestors Rajesh, convener, DYFI, taluk Sanchalana Samiti said in his address that municipal administrators have created a commotion over increase in water tariff in vodera hobali.Protestors also protested against district commissioner’s anti-poor remark by saying that when the people are drinking Bisleri water, increase in water tariff will affect the people anymore.



Protestors also warned that as long as municipal administration is not taking any step to revert back the water tariff, our agitation will continue.



Finally, through burning the effigy of the commissioner, public have collectively condemned the attitude of municipal administrative staff.

Ramesh V,Convener,Horata Samiti,Ganesh Kallagara,Raju Devadiga,Ashok B T R,Roopa,Meenakshi,DYFI taluk Sanchalana Samiti Prabhakar Neralakatte,Raja B T R were present.

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