Konkani Theatres Day Celebrated, Four achievers were felicitated.

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Mangalore, March 28: On behalf of Karnataka Konkani Literature Academy, Mangalore, a World Konkani theatre day (Vishwa Ranga Celebration) was celebrated vibrantly at Academy’s Auditorium.

A function was inaugurated by S.Malathi- senior Theatre Director, National Rangashala award winner.

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Speaking on the occasion she said survival of the theatres in the society is a healthy sign and through the motivation of Academy by performing theatre programmes we must shoulder the important responsibility of bring our children to the main stream of theatre. Prior to the year 1930 theatres were famous and strong but after the dominance of Cinema in the field of entertainment an importance for theatre programmes were dwindled and took back seat. Four imminent personalities have been felicitated during the occasion.

Many drama companies have supported and stood as backbone during the period of freedom struggle (fight).But when those amateur drama companies were started gaining momentum act of decentralization was introduced and as a result of which many drama companies were to be closed. However it has been observed that it started recuperating since one decade and picking up in rapid speed she opined.

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For the existence of theatres three main important things are required those are “Hennu(lady)Honnu(gold) and Mannu(soil) but now we are facing acute shortage of lady artists, as a result of ladies, who are reluctant to take part which will definitely have a bad impact on the industries she said.Besides we are also facing financial constraints,willingness of the people and also shortage of  auditoriums/places of our choice.These are the factors attributing for the declining of theatre shows she cited.


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