Gangolli: Photo clicks of college girls land sales executives in dock!!

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Gangolli, Sept 06: Foolishness are in several types!!. Here in one of the instances occurred recently at Gangolli bus bay, wherein seven sales executives of Prathishthitha company-an international company landed in trouble after they tried to take the snaps of few college girls, who were waiting for the bus at the Gangolli bus stand.

The public who noticed the seven including two women alighted from a vehicle and took the photos of the girls, taken them for task for their act and even snatched their mobile phones.

The police who rushed to the spot took them to the police station for an enquiry.

Sources said that all the executives were of Gulbarga origin and employed by one of the reputed international company. They were let after authorized distributors of the company arrived. But interestingly none of them had any identity card. The police found the photos of the college girls in their mobile phones.

Moreover, the five men gave contradictory statements to the police. Though they have been let free, locals are wondering why these men were in the town since the past one week and have demanded a thorough enquiry.

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