Karkala: Karkala Police department organizes “Shanti Sabhe” to maintain peace during Ganeshotsava

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Karkala;Sept 06 : As a part of “Ganeshotsava” to maintain law and order and peace in the city during Ganeshotsava,Karkala police department has organized  a “Shanthi Sabhe”on September 06,Saturday.In view of preventing disturbances or any kind of untoward incidents during ‘Ganeshotsava’,department has suggested some preventive measures.

*Before installing Ganesh idols in public places, organizations, unions, Sanghatanas have been advised to obtain prior permission from corporation, town panchayat, Municipality, local panchayat, police department, MESCOM department, Fire service department and other concerned departments.

*During night, organizing committee has to appoint members to ensure no mischiefs, trouble and communal disturbances take place in places of Ganesh idols installation, Mantap, pandals.

*In case fire occurs during abandoning procession and pandals, police should be contacted immediately, Installation of fire extinguisher is mandatory.

* Ensure that no short-circuit in temporary supplied connections on Ganapati pandals, permission has to be obtained from the concerned authorities and use only good quality instruments.

* Due precautions should be taken to ensure that no inconvience, trouble and problem should happen  to the general public at the time of busting, cracking  fire crackers

* No donation of any kind is taken forcibly from the general public

* Instruct the Working committee members to ensure that peace is maintained during procession on the road throughout the procession and co-operate with concerned departments for the control of the crowd

* Spraying of colours or don’t hurt the sentiments, feelings and  don’t make any sensitive or provocative talk.

* By Putting shamiyana or mantap or any vehicles moving road, should not hinder the traffic

* For sound system, permission should be obtained from the concerned department and sound beyond 50 feet and in ground 200 feet should not reach and  music must be played only from morning 6.00 am till 10.00 pm .

In case of an emergency, Karkala city police station can be contacted on 08258-230213, 233100, Fire service  department 08258-232223

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