Karkala: Diver accused of abduction of a Law student; parents complain but girl denies

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Karkala; Sept 05: A first year law student, who was caught in the trap of bus driver’s love has  eloped with him and gone missing since then and appeared in police station after getting married with him. The couple has been produced in court. The relatives of the woman in their complaint stated that bus driver has forcibly kidnapped her and got married.

Description of the incident: According to the complaints lodged in the police station by the parents, Malini, daughter of Gopa poojary, Kukkuje village in Karkala taluk has been forcibly taken by Shirlal Ashok Jain on Sept 04, Wednesday in his car and got married with her. As the complaint was registered, the couple who appeared in Ajekar Police station and girl said in her statement that she got married with him at my own will and also shown their photo as a proof of marriage. Further, she also said that she will never go back to her parents again.

Ashok Kumar Jain was the private bus driver in Udupi-Ajekar route and this woman was also going in the same bus to Law College. Gradually their acquaintancy has converted in to love but after his earlier marriage and subsequent wife’s mysterious death, he did not get married and court of justice has acquitted him in this case. This young law student, who was in her first year degree and driver secretly loved but their love affair, was not known to the people of woman’s house. According to her parents, in between there was a discussion at her home about her marriage with another boy and it has reached the stage of their engagement. Even then, she never opened her mouth about her love affair with the driver.

Though couple has appeared in the police station, since the kidnap complaint has been lodged against Ashok, Ajekar police will produce the married couple to court. When the parents of the woman pressurized the police to cancel and nullify this marriage, since they both are major and married with the consent of woman, there is no provision in the law to cancel this marriage as per the law.

Overall the woman who wanted to become an advocate, has now fallen into the trap of love, eloped, disappeared, got married and developed an enmity with the home people and appeared in police station, which is something hostile.

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