Udupi: We oppose Niddodi land acquisition; BJP is again trying to ignite communal disharmony -says CPIM B Madhav

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Udupi;Sept 04 : Addressing the press reporters in district level  conference organized by CPI and CPIM at  Bannanje Shivagiri Auditorium,B Madhava,member,CPIM  state secretary Mandali ,said in his inaugural address that we strongly oppose land acquisition for mega power plant in Niddodi.Land acquisition should not be done in the name of industrialization. Today we will fight against the policies of anti-people and economical stability of the country.


He further said that CPM and CPIM have given the call for the struggle with the slogan of defeat the congress and reject the BJP and except BJP’s communalism, both congress and BJP is like both faces of the same coins as far as scams are concerned. Now BJP is trying to create communal disharmony by raising the issue of Ayodhya issue. Therefore we should not give any opportunity for communal disharmony. There should not be any difference between APL, BPL and everybody should be given 35 Kgs of rice not above Rs 9 per kg and there should be food security, he added.


These are all for the security of votes, not for the security of food. Comprehensive land tribunal act should be implemented and this will give economical protection. By implementing Lokpal bill, corruption must be eradicated. Women should be given equal opportunities in all the fields.A separate law should be enacted for the benefit of the people of the hilly region and tribes. Minimum salary should be fixed to Rs 10,000 and this should be labor’s right.Swatantra Vidheshanga morality should be introduced, he said.


K Shankar, Balakrishna Shetty, Vishwanath Rai, Mahabala Vadera Hobali, Vadudeva and others were present.

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