Udupi: ‘No’ to cattle-pass ; build fly-over within ten days- or face protest-warns former MLA

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Udupi; Sept 04: Addressing the press reporters in press meet held on Sept 04, Wednesday at BJP office, Rabhupati Bhat, former MLA said in his address that Oscar Fernandez, union minister for transport has done nothing for the development of Udupi in spite of he being, from the region.

Contractors are busy preparing tenders for the construction of Cattle-pass in Brahmavar. Brahmavar will be divided, if they go ahead with the construction of cat-pass, which in turn impede the progress of Brahmavar.


He further said that Fly-over must be constructed in Brahmavar.In this connection, State government should take an initiative to take up the matter with national highway authorities within ten days, failing which BJP in co-ordination with the local citizens stage a protest and around 50-100 citizens of Brahmavar have already mustered their support to stop cat-pass construction. Problem of national highway is still not solved.

He also said that when the tender was called for the construction of fly-over, we have identified 5 places but the same has been cancelled by the central government and when” I was the MLA, Oscar Fernandez has announced that under-pass will be constructed in Udupi but we have objected it”, he added

Now, if they are so eager to see the progress of Udupi, let them build under-pass at Karavali Junction and Brahmavar as Oscar Fernandez’s gift to Udupi. If they are unable to construct fly-over, at least let them level the highway and make circles and arrangement for keeping both the side open, he opined

But don’t make any undue efforts to divide Brahmavar just for the sake of publicity and due to this, whole scenario  will be jeopardized,he said.

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