Commendable Job done by Mangalore university in recognition of talented Sports Personalities and Motivate them

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Mangalore, March 27: Dr.C.Krishna-Director of Physical Education, Mysore Vishwa Vidya Nilaya has said in his speech that it is nice to see that Mangalore University is organizing a wonderful job of recognizing and encouraging our talented sports personalities along with dedicated directors of Physical education departments of various colleges and universities.

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Speaking on the occasion of Presentation and felicitation function for “Inter University Medallist and Inter-Collegiate  Sports Champions” for the year 2012-2013 organized by Mangalore Vishwavidya Nilaya at University’s new senate Auditorium he said in his guest speech that today social value oriented sports is offering preference to outsiders at the cost of local talents. Now a day it has been brought to our knowledge that some colleges by inviting talents from other states imparting training and converting them to be an excellent sports personalities. Due to this trend of grooming students from other states local talents are being sidelined and deprived of their opportunities he regretted.

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With this attitude of Vishwavidya nilaya and colleges real and genuine local sports personalities will not get an opportunity in the state and international level and thereby potential will be value less he said in his speech. In order to be liberated from all these injustices/hurdles students community have been advised to take part in the sports from school/college levels itself. If this practise is being adopted by student community I believe that no other job is better than this he emphasized in his speech.

Presiding over the function Chancellor Professor T.C.Shiva Shankara Murthy said in his speech that Mangalore University is one of the many Universities which support sports. Considering the students prospects, students who participate in NSS, NCC and other social activities are being motivated by giving 50 marks during each semester.

Report for the present academic year has been read by Dr.Nagalingappa-Director of Physical education. Dr.Kishore Kumar welcomed, Dr.Gerald Santhosh D’Souza expressed his gratitude and programme was conducted by Naveen Kumar.

During the academic year 2012-2013 total of 23 and 22 prizes were won by both men and women respectively. Individual championship was won by both men and women category respectively of Alva’s College Moodbidri followed by SDM College Ujire was placed in second place and Vishwavidyanilaya Campus Mangalagangothri in third place.

Men’s group champion trophy was won by Alvas College, SDM College in second and third place was secured by Vishwavidya Nilaya Mangalagangothri.Women’s Group champion trophy was won by Alvas College and second and third place were won by SDB College,Ujire and College  of Physical Education Moodbidri respectively.

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