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Kundapurian Kannadiga young Businessman, resident of Dubai ‘Dinesh Chandrashekar Devadiga Nagoor’ bagged the ‘Aryabhata International Award 2017’ in a glittering ceremony at Ravindra Kalakshetra Auditorium, Bangalore on 23rd May, 2018, in the hands of the retired Justice K. Shridhar Rao. Chief Guest on the occasion, Kannadiga Dr. Mahesh Joshi who is the Media Advisor of Delhi Doordarshan spoke and applauded the greatness of Dinesh and said that Dinesh has brought fame to our state with his contribution to society. Also present were Film Director S.B. Rajendra Singh, Organizational President of Aryabhata, Dr. H.M.N. Rao, President of Namma Kundapra Kannada Dubai, Sadan Das & Sheena Devadiga of KADAM.

Dinesh Devadiga the President of KADAM (Kundapura Devadiga Mitra) is a well-known name in social circles is also the Managing Director of Elegant Group of Companies in Dubai a company running successfully for the past many years.

Simple and humble Dinesh Devadiga is a man of big heart who voluntarily comes forward to help the destitute at all times. He is really a silent supporter who contributes a lot to charity irrespective of any caste, creed or religion. Fondly known as ‘Elegant Dinesh’ he is well-known among the Kundapurians and he is also the Vice President of ‘Namma Kundapra Kannada’ Organisation.

‘Along with self-development it is equally important to simultaneously think of the development of the society and the people around us’ is the main thinking of this successful businessman who always says that ‘if you love your parents and attain their blessings you will always come up successful in life’. One should have a pro-active helping attitude and if you work towards it through social organization, it will really reach the needy masses in a quick time.

In recognition of Dinesh Devadiga’s excellent contribution and service in the field of Social Service to the society in terms of education, medical & community related service in this part of the world, this Award was bestowed to him by Aryabhata Cultural Organisation (Regd.) Bangalore, India.

‘Behind every successful man there is a woman’ and that is Vishala Dinesh, wife of Dinesh Devadiga supported by his two children, Milan Devadiga & Dhanya Devadiga.

Devadiga Sangha Dubai honoured and felicitated Dinesh Devadiga during their recent annual programme held in Dubai.

Hearing the news of this Award, Dinesh Devadiga was also honoured and felicitated by Devadiga Sangha Byndoor, Devadiga Sangha Uppunda, Devadiga Sangha Bangalore, Devadiga Sangha Mangalore and youths from the surrounding Navunda and neighbouring cities of Kundapura.

We from the Media wish him all success for more contribution to the society.

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