Bhatkal: A scar on town: citizen’s pain; why Bhatkal is in the name of terrorist??

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Bhatkal (N.K); September 01: The name of Bhatkal, a tiny town in north Kannada, popularly known as ‘Mini Dubai’ has made a big name in national level.

Reason behind this big name is the arrest of terrorist Yasin Bhatkal, who formed Indian Mujahidin Sanghatane, a terrorist group, blasted bombs in several cities, killing several people.


Yasin Bhatkal’s original name is Ahmad Jarrar Siddibapa,a resident of Mugdum colony in Bhatkal town.

Ever since he left the town and joined terrorist group around ten years before and conducted of series of bomb blasts, then the investigating team has added Bhatkal along with Yasin’s name.

The same day, we observed a scar in Bhatkal’s name, this is the cry of the locals and has Bhatkal has got a bad image and repute. The arrest of Yasin has made a big news in national level and according to the opinion of locals, at least with the arrest of Yasin, the bad name which is already attached with Bhatkal can be reduced to certain extent.

Apart from Yasin, there are two other suspected terrorists, who have added Bhatkal’s name along with their names. The people are hoping that if those two suspected terrorist are being arrested, then the scar on the name of Bhatkal will be completely warding off.

According to Investigating team and information gathered by them, Indian Mujahidin terrorist sanghatane was founded in Bhatkal by Bhatkal brothers and they are Riyaz Shaabandri and Iqbal Shabandri.Yasin Bhatkal was working for both as commander in chief. It has been established that the most notorious terrorists than Yasin Bhatkal are Riyaz Bhatkal and Iqbal Bhatkal. Yasin who is under arrest has disclosed to investigating team that both Iqbal and Riyaz currently hiding in Karachi.

According to Inayat Ulla Shaabandri (surname is resembling to Bhatkal brothers) former president of town munciplaity,if these two brothers are arrested, then  the scar which already in the name of Bhatkal will be erased permanently.

However according to R Dileep, district police commissioner’s recent public statement, the Bhatkal origin terrorists, have said that Bhatkal is only the place of their hiding and not committed any terrorism or bomb blast.

In recent days wherever blast occurs or anything unwanted things happens, it has become common to hear the names of Riyaz, Iqbal and yasin from Bhatkal.

Yasin’s arrest satisfied the people. Let both Riyaz and Iqbal also be arrested. If they committed any offence,crime,both of them should be punished but they should not use Bhatkal ahead of their names, says Parvez Qasimaji,former president of town municipality and thanjim main.

In Bhatkal, thanjim, seva vahini, Raabita organization in co-ordination with other sanghas and organizations, have been trying round the clock for peace and communal harmony but some names like yasin, Iqbal and Riyaz spoiling the name of Bhatkal, it says.

By Raghavendra Bhat (Prajavani)

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