Special treatment to DCP’s pet dog !

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Mangalore, August 31: Special food and training system to pet dog? But it’s true. These all facility will be given to armed reserve police DCP Pa. Raa. Shetty’s pet dog and every day dog squad’s food will be feeding along with that one of the official of the department gives special training to the dog.

At one side his pet dog getting special respect, but at another side police constables are facing insulting life. Due to his discipline abuse one of the constables called Naveen tried to commit the suicide also and in the six month, by giving the discipline treatment, he has showed his indiscipline nature.

The police are giving the training to DCP’s pet dog in a shift wise. From the dog squad office, trainer picks the food and gives the food to DCP’s dog at 9.30 and he returns to work after giving the training till 11 am. Again in the evening the trainer gives two hours of training and in the food of 8 dogs of squad, one part moves to DCP’s dog.

Last time when Seemanth Kumar was a commissioner, he was handling more power of the DCP, but after the appointment of the Maneesh Karbikar, holiday, and punishment and in charge of police vehicle has given to DCPs. If the constable enters 5 minute late or if they did not salute also, they will face increment cut punishment.

Attempt to suicide due to harassment: Reserve police constable Naveen took leave for nose operation, but when he came back to office DCP Shetty did not give the permission to enter and sent deserter notification to suspend.

Naveen and his parents complained with commissioner and commissioner ordered to join the duty but DCP did not let him enter.  Hence, Naveen was missed after sending the message to his friend like he going to die and DCP’s harassment is cause for his death. Later, after receiving him from his friend’s house, he was permitted to join the department.

Seizer to pocket: To sew the uniform, every constable must give the cloth to Raymond tailor. Before the sewn they must pay Rs.500 and after Rs.350 and after, once the cloth is ready, tailor gives the uniform to DCP’s office.  Even the police vehicle drivers also have to pay in the week wise and if public’s vehicle stands near his house, he orders constable to remove the air.

Police SI, PI must give the report to SP grade officer, hence I handed over the power to DCP. If there is any complaint against DCP activity, can submit to me. If dog squad food is giving to DCP’s dog, that is wrong and according the rules he should not tell the dog squad police  to give the training’-Manish Karbeekar, Police commissioner.

By: sathish Kapikad

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