Supreme Court’s verdict is a biggest slap on the face of wives of abbreviated husband’s torture for money

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August 28 : As a result of addiction to alcohol, crimes, unwanted activities, which are not supposed to happen is happening regularly such as  murder,cruelty,atrocities,rape,burglary,theft,fights,clashes,immoral activities and fracas etc are some of the examples in our day to day life in the society. Addiction to alcohol is the only reason for all these unwanted activities.

When the man is under the influence of alcohol, as some evil courage is entering into his body and at that moment he does not bother to commit any kind of crimes without any hesitation.

But under the circumstances, Supreme Court’s judgment on torture for money by the husbands on their wives is not a crime, torture- has sent a shock waves on most of the women groups. This verdict will give an enough room to take an advantage of torture on wives without any reason and to escape from the clutches of law.

Supreme Court’s this verdict definitely will have all the possibilities of having a direct impact on poor and middle class families. With this judgement, husbands will have more upper hand on their wives because even if he does not go for work, he can depend only on wives earnings and got full right to demand money for his drinking and it indicates supreme court only is indirectly supporting, encouraging husbands to drink on wives money and all the chances of destroying the entire family only due to drinking.

According to expert’s opinion when wives earning is not sufficient even to meet all the expenses of house, from where she can part the money to their drunkard husbands? When husband is not giving any money for the maintenance of the house, torturing wives just for money,a pained wife even if she commit suicide, cannot register a complaint against their husbands as per the new supreme court’s verdict. This is one of the biggest tragedies in the life of wives.

In one hand imposing a punishment on drunken driving and on the other hand you be at home without working and wives will give money for your drinking.this is nothing but law itself encouraging the people to drink.

In case women are getting enraged against this Supreme Court’s judgement, drunkard husbands should thank Supreme Court for this judgement.

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