People chose congress by expecting the changes: B. Ramanatha Rai

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Mangalore, August 27, 2013: the Congress has taken the measure to fulfil the 60 out of 160 promises, which were given during the election manifesto. With needy of changes, people brought congress into power. Changes is not like gaining power after other party’s tenure rather than our thinking, decision must be changed by showing others, said D.K in charge minister Ramanatha Rai.


He was speaking after inaugurating the a booklet titled ‘Nooru Dina Nooru Nirnaya’, which highlights the 100 days achievements of the state Congress government held at the DC office on August 26, Monday.

The congress government tried to give its best in the implemented project and it will implement other projects before end of this financial year.


Annabhagya project: In the Karnataka state poverty is 23.6 percent, hence, by seeing this Annabhagya project implemented in the state and necessary methods are taken to store the good quality rice and everyone will get the facility, he said.


KsheeraBhagya project: To eradicate the malnutrition problem, government has implemented such project and it has reserved 384 crore rupees for the project, he said.


Runamukthi bhagya project:To make minor community people and backward community people debt free, government has waived the debt Rs.349.55 under the Dr. Ambedkar development limited and many people were benefited from it, he said.


Krishibagya project:To waive the debt of farmers and provide them seeds, fertilizers, agriculture loan and all, government has implemented this project, he said.

On the occasion he also mentioned other projects like Belakina bhagya, Vasatibaagya, Gramabhagya, Nagarabhagya and Manaswini projects.

Deputy Commissioner N Prakash, Additional Deputy Commissioner KA Dayananda, MCC Commissioner S Ajithkumar Hegde and others were present.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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