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MANGALORE, MARCH 26: State Chief Secretary of JDS Mr.M.G.Hegde has informed in the press meet that Opposing the style of functioning and autocratic attitude with selfish motive of District JDS President Mr.M.B.Sadashiva and after taking numerous issues which tarnish the image of the party in to consideration more than 30 prime leaders along with more than administrators of state JDS unit have tendered their mass resignation to the primary membership of the party.
Briefing in the city’s arranged press meet that we have not begged to join the party but we have been invited by the party’s big guns to join since we have toiled and worked relentlessly with honest mind set for the growth of the party in the coastal region. But selfish motives of Mr.M.B.Sadashiva, Secretary Mohammed Kunji and Vasantha Poojary, trouble and mental torture meted out to us did not allow us to work honestly. Besides they have tried to sabotage the smooth functioning of party affairs and opposed our appointment of new members to the party. Taking all these irregularities in to consideration we collectively tendered our mass resignation to the primary membership he said. This will follow many more mass resignations soon from JDS leaders of Puttur, Sulia and taluk levels.


This fight is  between honest versus dishonest people he said. Mr.M.B.Shetty’s insane styles of functioning indicate that he is suffering from mental disease he lamented.
Talking  to the media person Mr.M.G.Hegde said in the press meet that Vice president Shri.B.Nagaraj Shetty who has already taken keen interest to garner the party from the bottom level  could not attend the press meet due to his  personal reason has forwarded his reason based resignation to the primary membership of the party.
While condemning the  manner in which both D.M.Aslam from the JDS minor community and another main leader Mr.Shashiraj Shetty have been expelled, he mentioned that even Mr.Sadananda Shetty also distanced from all  these political games  and withdrawn his candidature from contesting. All these incidences of negative approaches of party tarnished the image of the party in the region and people lost faith altogether he said. He further said in his statement that both Mr.D.M.Aslam and Shashiraj Shetty instrumental for the success of two candidates of MCC in recently held local body election.

Mr.Shashiraj Shetty,Shoukat Ali,Dr.Udaya Kumar,Ranjith Malli,Pradeep Karkera,Smt.Sumathi Shetty,Sunil Poojary,Ibrahim,Shreekanth Shetty,Sudarshan Buntwal,Dinesh Buntwal,Raju Poojary,Ganesh Malli,P.B.Bashher,RajeevPoojary,Rajesh Shetty,Anupraj,Lokesh Bhandary,Atul Wahab,Keshava,Yashawanta,Rohinath,Laxmanraj,Stanely D’Souza and more than 50 leaders from other District units, who have announced their resignations were present in the press meet.

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