Uncivilised nature must be stopped: Haaji Mustafa Kempi

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Mangalore, August 24: ‘In the name of religion, uncivilised nature must be stopped and when all religion people units together without caste, religion difference, then only can build the strong nation’, said Uppinangadi Malikuddinnar Jumma Masjid president Haaji Mustafa Kempi.

He was speaking in the protest against moral policing staged by Popular Front of India, he said that here Hindu, Muslims are living in peace and amiability. But, some people are polluting the relationship and they must be kept away and give the full stop to this activity.

PFI district committee member Seema Razak said that police discrimination was cause for every communal riot and Sangha Parivar gets reaction from the police for moral policing. If this continues like this we will intensify a movement against this, he said.

PFI leader Shaafi bellare, Hader neersaal, Azeer ninnikal, Hameed Megestic, Akbar belthangadi and others were present.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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