Brahmavar: Unscientific construction of under-pass; four-lane works on NH 66 is a big head-ache

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Udupi; August 23: Public of the district has to undergo lots of hardships due to four-lane works on NH 66 and that too unscientific four lane- works at Brahmavar, which has become a reason for the disappointment of the public.



Due to unwanted increase in height of the road from ground level for about one kilo meter in distance from Brahmavar to Barkur cross, residents of the area on either side of the road, public and vehicle drivers have to face lots of difficulties.



Four lanes works on NH 66, which passes through udupi district from Mangalore-Suratkal-Kundapur, which started two years back has put the people of the district in great difficulties and because of this four lanes works on NH 66, people of the Brahmavar are suffering.



According to NHA project calculation this highway will be constructed 12 feet above the ground level for about one kilo meter distance from Brahmavar bus stand to Barkur cross and due to filling of soil on this highway will render no approach road on either side of the NH. Besides construction of under-pass on NH 66 has irked the public.


Nobody knows why this type of unscientific project work is being carried out here? By increasing the height of highway, approachable roads to highway from Barkur-Brahmavar market has to meet herculean task.

It is alleged that authorities are fools enough to increase the height of the highway, when there is already old level road exists and hence demanded for the cancellation of the project with immediate effect and continue four-lane works on the old highway as before instead of increasing the height of the highway, which put the public and vehicles movement in  more embarrassment situation.

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