Moodbidri: Rape on handicapped girl; People trash culprit – arrested

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Moodbidri; August 23: A case of continuous rape since two month on 15 year old mentally deranged girl has been reported in Kalyadi Jarigekatte of Kuppepadav village, near Bajpe.


The culprit named Sundara,aged 55, a resident of Kalyadi Jarigekatte on the border of Kuppepadav-iruvale has been caught red-handed by the public and handed over to police after gave him nice beating left and right.


Sources said that the accused, a father of three children has been raping 15 year old mentally deranged girl, his neighbor continuously since two months, resulting girl to become four months pregnant. Annoyed locals by this act of him, caught him and tied him on the tree and treated him with nice beating and then handed over to police.


Details of the incident: Girl’s parents after leaving her at home alone, they used go for their daily work. Taking this an opportunity Sundar was visiting girl’s house daily. Since she is Snuff addict, Sundar was offering her snuff and was engaged in raping.


Locals who did come to know about this since two months, have complained to’ Mahila Sahayavani’ and when the matter was confirmed, locals even advised him about it.


Even after advising, Sundar used to visit girl’s house and on August 23, Friday at 2.30 pm, when he went to girls house again .Realizing this around 50 women, as he was coming out of the house caught him, tied him on the tree and beaten him mercilessly.

Police, who arrived on the spot, took sundar under their custody.

Medical test was conducted on the victim and handed over to children’s welfare Samiti.

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